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Our core – on an atomic level - of our Services is helping your organization realize its goals and any future transformations.
We will provide you with expert advice on challenges ahead, whether it be on structuring or other shape shifting transitions that your business (needs to) go through; organizing , improving your processes, acquire and solidify in agreements, assess and mitigate risks, … and even manage conflicts when they occur.
Common observations where 4ATOM can help you, embedding as much as possible in your organization:

CIO: "... facing challenges in our organization and wish to restructure the IT services and providers ... "
CFO: "... map the risk and financial flow ..."
Responsible IT Manager: “... received a letter requesting an audit from a software vendor that requires coordination ... "
Legal Director: "... a conflict with a party, and we need an internal approach and safeguard risks in future agreements"
Head of Procurement:"We wish to improve our (ICT) purchasing process, starting from a spent analysis and check market conformity"
Product Manager: "We are confronted with a challenging position from our customers and want to confirm our commitment"

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Challenges Resolved
Gilles Méténier
Transformation of the ICT services

Our challenge was to help the shift in the ICT service landscape, including the necessary transitions such as the phase-in and phase-out of various internal and external suppliers (Verizon, IBM, DXC, Proximus, ...) while the organization itself was changing.

Therefore we needed to review and implement a pragmatic and flexible IT Service Model (ITIL based) within the infrastructure and operations department, suppliers and improve the overall manageability and maturity.

We also established several contractual frameworks with European BNP Paribas group suppliers, such as BNP Paribas Fortis, IPS-BP2I (joint venture IBM), Corporate Investment Banking (CIB), Global Telecom (GT), … One of the foundations was the alignment of IT governance & operations, including the performance reviews (KPIs) & reporting with provider’s Service Delivery managers.

Dirk Schaele
ICT Support for Sales

Our Challenge was to establish ICT Services for the commercial organization in an effective and cost-efficient way to support the channel and product strategy.

We helped transform and organize the ICT Services for Point of Sales start-up and expansion, for multiple processes: order entry, cash register, security, … and ensuring its continued lifecycle.

An active lead in change management across multiple departments and platforms was the challenge, reviewing ideas from changes to usage in production in both project, risk and business areas. Crucial was backing project leaders in order to realize changes throughout the applications lifecycle.

We also provided advise on the design and implementation of technology (architecture, hardware, software, network, ...) and engaged business executives for roll-out and support of initiatives.

For the contribution to success we also managed external IT Service Suppliers, with a focus on engagements; business objectives, Service Level Agreements, clear and qualitative statements of work.

Erwin Verstraelen
Filiep Messiaen
Instate ICT acquisition processes

Our challenge was to manage all ICT related partners, suppliers and vendors, over the whole organization landscape and internal customers in order to start, sustain, improve or disband engagements and relationships.

What has been established, amongst others:

  • Vendor collaboration framework

    • Establish a standardized set of agreements for all ICT engagements;
    • Embed in existing relationships and build new relationships;
    • Shape the sourcing strategy with IT Management.

  • Commercial enhancements & benefits

    • Ensure commercial mechanisms are in place and prices are market conform.

  • Risk reduction & compliance:

    • Avoid pitfalls / angles in vendor agreements;
    • Reduce overall risk and align to acceptable risk appetite;
    • Manage conflicts and organize effort in legal cases,

We structured the Supplier Management, enabled Service Management with contribution to the overall governance model, and balanced out the overall administrative footprint with tooling / templates. This way we could ensure the Change management to make it last in the essence of the organization. We also exceeded financial earn-back of efforts.

Sabrina Defraene
Build confidence in a software & service launch

Our Challenge was to help transition the organization from technology centric to service orientation, amongst others to establish an agreement framework that could be mastered internally as quality indicator and which could be signed off by customers and secondary customers (shareholder) banks. This way the main e-banking product could be launched with confidence and clear targets.

Additionally we mentored an internal candidate into the position as Service (Level) Manager.

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